Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reverse Search Engine

As you know Google is the search engine most used around the world for years to develop new algorithms and new features to show Internet users the most relevant results to their searches.
What if instead we acted the contrary? If you wanted to know which sites are worthy of the bottom of the results of search engines?
Inframutt, still in alpha stage, will reveal what's in the unexplored bottom of the web. Once a search is done is necessary to return to the main page to make a new one, otherwise it will work like a normal search engine.


  1. Doesn't do anything when I search for a term. it just goes to a google page with no search results.

  2. @The Lazy Geographer
    >still in alpha stage

    ... deal with it

  3. I would check this out if I weren't afraid of finding my blog at the bottom. Lol.